Taking Care Of Your Feet During The Summer

Summer isn't just the time to show off your feet. It's also a time to protect them. Cracked skin, injuries and bacteria are all prevalent concerns during this period. Make sure you know how to protect your feet all summer long. Moisturizer The winter months aren't the only time moisturizing your feet is important. During the summer it is equally important. During this period, you often wear open-back sandals. Since there is a lack of support for your heel area with this type of shoe, this allows the fat pad area of the heel to spread, which can lead to cracking. Read More 

Riding Breeches Don’t Have To Be Boring: New Styles And Colors You Can Buy

Traditionally, horseback riding breeches have almost always been tan-colored, with very little variation. If you are an English or dressage rider, the shape and fit of your jodphurs may be a little different, but there still were not many choices available for style or color. Now, companies are transforming riding breeches by creating new styles and colors, so that you can have more choices about what you wear when you ride. Read More 

Is Your Local Screen Print Shop Too Pricey? Find Great Deals Online And Know How To Shop

If you own a business in the trade industry and your employees go through a lot of shirts, it's important to find a company in the U.S. that can create custom shirts for your employees. You can have collared shirts with your business name and local ordered in bulk so your employees don't have to stress over tears and stains. Your employees can look good without having to spend a lot of money. Read More 

Footwear Investment Basics: How to Make Sure Your Cowboy Boots Hold Their Appeal

A fine pair of cowboy boots can cost over $12,000, turning simple footwear into a major fashion investment. When you show that much love for your feet, it pays to know how to keep those fancy kickers in top form. Here's how to keep your cowboy boots in great shape for years to come. Pamper those boots right from the start. Quality leather, snakeskin, and alligator hide are simply animal skin, and they're prone to drying out just like your own skin. Read More 

Caring For Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes can damage the nerves in your peripheral body, especially your feet. Poor circulation and nerve damage can make taking care of your feet challenging as a diabetic. Spending a few minutes paying attention to your feet every day will prevent troubling health issues. 1. Inspect your feet thoroughly every day. It is hard to feel problems in your feet when diabetes has damaged the sensation in those nerves. Look carefully at your feet for changes in color, cracks in the skin and any open sores. Read More