Alterations Your New Suit May Need For A Perfect Fit

When you buy a quality suit from a menswear store, you'll need to have it altered to flatter your body and to fit well. A well-fitting suit is important when you want to make a good impression on employers, clients, and social contacts. Here are a few tips for buying a suit that fits and altering it to your shape.

Buy A Jacket That Fits Your Shoulders

When you're shopping for a suit jacket, find one that fits your shoulders. The shoulders of the suit should end where your natural shoulders end. Everything else can be tailored to fit as long as the shoulders match your body. One important alteration you need is to hem the sleeves of the suit. They should be hemmed so a small portion of your dress shirt shows at the bottom of the suit sleeves. If the sleeves are any longer than that, the suit will look too big.

Another alteration you may need is in the waist of the suit. Suits usually have a boxy shape, and this shape might be best if you carry extra weight around your middle. However, if you're thin, taking in the waist will accentuate your shape and make the suit look well-fitted.

Buy Pants According To The Rise

The distance from the waist of the pants to the crotch is the rise. There are high-rise and low-rise pants to choose from for a different look, but you also need a rise that fits your personal body shape. The waist of high-rise pants might come up so high on your body that they look unflattering. Try on pants until you find a pair that fits in the crotch and closes around your natural waist. As long as the rise is right, everything else about the pants can be altered.

Some alterations you may want for your suit pants include putting in a hem, adjusting the size of the waist, and taking in the seat. The seat of your pants should be tailored to your body shape so there isn't too much fabric and so the pants aren't too tight. The waist may fit well off the rack, but if it doesn't, a tailor can take it in or let it out. The hem is one of the most important alterations the pants need. Pant legs that are too long look sloppy and if they're too short, the pants might appear too small. In addition to the length, you can decide if you want cuffs on the pants or not.

By having alterations for the suit that you need, your new suit will fit much better and make you look more professional. A suit that fits well looks better on you than a much more expensive suit that is too large or too little, plus a well-fitting suit is more comfortable, too.