Footwear Investment Basics: How to Make Sure Your Cowboy Boots Hold Their Appeal

A fine pair of cowboy boots can cost over $12,000, turning simple footwear into a major fashion investment. When you show that much love for your feet, it pays to know how to keep those fancy kickers in top form. Here's how to keep your cowboy boots in great shape for years to come. Pamper those boots right from the start. Quality leather, snakeskin, and alligator hide are simply animal skin, and they're prone to drying out just like your own skin. Read More 

Caring For Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes can damage the nerves in your peripheral body, especially your feet. Poor circulation and nerve damage can make taking care of your feet challenging as a diabetic. Spending a few minutes paying attention to your feet every day will prevent troubling health issues. 1. Inspect your feet thoroughly every day. It is hard to feel problems in your feet when diabetes has damaged the sensation in those nerves. Look carefully at your feet for changes in color, cracks in the skin and any open sores. Read More 

Taking The Chore Out Of A Laundromat Trip

The weekend is here at last! Time to relax with a book or spend time with friends and family. Maybe host a party or go on a weekend getaway. Or your favorite -- spend the weekend doing laundry! When making weekend plans, the last thing anyone looks forward to is spending an entire Saturday at the laundromat. But with a few tips, that weekly trip can go quickly and easily so you can get back to having fun. Read More 

How To Get The Most Out Of Screen Printed T-Shirts For Your Company

Making the most profitable choices for your company is always the best way to go, especially when it comes to advertising tactics.  If you are thinking about using screen printed T-shirts for spreading the word about your business, following these tips can help you get the most from this unique type of marketing campaign. Always remember that getting the most of your advertising dollars matters to the profits you make from it. Read More 

Four Steps To Finding Online Clothing With The Perfect Fit

Want to buy some gorgeous clothing from a trendy online boutique, but worried that you might get your clothing size wrong? Don't worry, there are some ways that you can guarantee that you get the perfect fit each time. Finding the Right Size Chart Not all smalls are made equal, as many have unfortunately discovered. Usually you can't rely upon sizes like small, medium, or large -- instead you need to find a size chart that shows the actual measurements of each piece. Read More