How To Get The Most Out Of Screen Printed T-Shirts For Your Company

Making the most profitable choices for your company is always the best way to go, especially when it comes to advertising tactics.  If you are thinking about using screen printed T-shirts for spreading the word about your business, following these tips can help you get the most from this unique type of marketing campaign. Always remember that getting the most of your advertising dollars matters to the profits you make from it.

High-Quality T- Shirt Materials Matter A Lot

Before you begin discussing your t-shirt design, ensuring you get only the highest quality t-shirts is extremely important. Some cheaper brands of t-shirts do not last long and deteriorate quickly after being washed only a couple of times. Choosing the brand you know provides the highest quality is the best place to start when making choices for your screen printing T–shirt marketing campaign. If the screen printing company you choose does not use only the highest quality t-shirts, going with someone else is a good idea. When your potential customers wear one of your T-shirts, you want it to become one of their favorites, meaning they and the people they are around see your logo more than just a few times.

Avoid Spending Too Much At The Start of Your T-Shirt Campaign

Never go overboard and buy so many T-shirts you may have a hard time moving them. Starting with a small number of shirts to maybe pass out at a company picnic or at a convention or conference is the best way to start in this type of campaign. Once you have given out all the shirts you have, you know you have not wasted any of your money on them. You certainly do not want stacks of T-shirts sitting in your office, waiting for the opportunity to give them all out.

Getting Down To Design Specifics

Your logo design can make a huge difference, especially when someone is walking around in a large crowd wearing it. One thing to remember about an outstanding and noticeable design is the T-shirt color you decide to go with. If you choose black or another dark color for your T-shirts, your logo will need to include bright or even fluorescent colors. T-shirts of lighter or white color should have darker colors used for the logo design for making it stand out. The same is also true for the lettering you use with your logo. Bear in mind the more interesting and cool your logo is the more likely potential customers will be inclined to wear your promotional T-shirt.

The money and time you spend on promotional items for your business can have a huge pay off. This is especially so if you invest in cool screen printed T-shirts that your potential customers will enjoy wearing again and again. For more information, click here.