Four Steps To Finding Online Clothing With The Perfect Fit

Want to buy some gorgeous clothing from a trendy online boutique, but worried that you might get your clothing size wrong? Don't worry, there are some ways that you can guarantee that you get the perfect fit each time.

Finding the Right Size Chart

Not all smalls are made equal, as many have unfortunately discovered. Usually you can't rely upon sizes like small, medium, or large -- instead you need to find a size chart that shows the actual measurements of each piece. There are two places you can look: on the online store or at the brand's website. Some online stores won't list size charts, so you may need to consult with the brand.

Measure Yourself Properly

You'll need a cloth measuring tape rather than a conventional metal measuring tape to properly measure your body. Metal tapes will not conform to the shape of your body, so they may not give you the most accurate reading. When measuring your waist, you should measure at the smallest part of your waist. For measuring your chest and hips, you should measure at the broadest part. Your inseam should be measured as the length of your inner leg. Make sure that you don't pull on the tape when you measure yourself. The tape should fit along your body snugly but not tightly. You may also want to measure in front of a mirror to make sure that the measuring tape isn't snagging in the back.

Pay Attention to the Manufacturing Company

If you are going to rely upon small, medium, and large sizes, you should be aware that companies in other countries tend to size things differently. As an example, Chinese clothing brand sizes tend to be much smaller than American clothing sizes. Adjust accordingly -- you may want to reach out to the clothing company first. Some luxury brands also follow their own sizing standards; often they will size downwards. 

Look Up Online Reviews

Online reviews will frequently list whether a clothing line tends to run smaller or larger. These can be valuable even if you have the exact inch measurements for each item, as different fabrics can have different levels of give. Look for online reviews for the size that you're interested in buying. 

Most trendy online boutique stores offer some type of return policy, so if you do find that you accidentally purchased the wrong size you still have another shot. Just watch out when purchasing sale items, as they may be final sale only.