Remain Comfortable And Look Stylish With Custom Clothing That Uses Wicking Technology

If excessive perspiration interferes with your ability to remain comfortable while participating in log cutting competitions, your gumption to move an ax swiftly and accurately may be hindered by needing to stop midway through a competition to take a breather as you cool down. One way to look great and reduce sweat that comes into contact with your body is by wearing custom dri fit clothing.

Choose Clothing Styles

Wicking technology keeps performance clothing dry. Moisture control fabric that contains ultraviolet protection will draw out moisture that comes into contact with fabric, resulting in evaporation. As a result, the human body remains cooler than it would if standard garments were worn.

If you participate in competitions throughout the year, a warmup jacket, t-shirt, jogging pants, or shorts are some standard dri fit garments that you should add to your wardrobe. A dri fit hat and a pair of gloves are some accessories that will come in handy if you are going to be participating in competitions on sunny days and would like to block the sun's rays and keep a firm grip on your ax without worrying about sweaty palms interfering.

If you have a nickname or lucky number that you would like added to the clothing that you are going to purchase, screen-printed designs can be added to each dri fit garment.

Carry A Bag That Contains Accessories And A Change Of Clothing

On the day of a competition, put on one of your dri fit outfits and place a change of clothing inside of a tote bag, along with a pair of safety goggles, a hat, gloves, a towel, and any other accessories that you will need during or after a competition.

If the competitions are held on public grounds that feature locker rooms, as soon as a competition is over, remove your dri fit garments and take a shower before putting on a clean outfit. This process will allow you to head out with your family and friends to celebrate a victory or to discuss some of the future events that you have decided to compete in. 

Care For Your Dri Fit Garments

Launder your dri fit clothing separately from other garments. Turn each garment inside out so that the screen-printed designs are not exposed. After adding the clothes to a washing machine, fill the machine's basin with lukewarm water and add a little bit of mild detergent. Use a gentle wash cycle for every laundering session and hang the clean garments on a rack so that they can air dry. 

For more information on custom dri fit printing, contact your local retailer.