Alterations Your New Suit May Need For A Perfect Fit

When you buy a quality suit from a menswear store, you'll need to have it altered to flatter your body and to fit well. A well-fitting suit is important when you want to make a good impression on employers, clients, and social contacts. Here are a few tips for buying a suit that fits and altering it to your shape. Buy A Jacket That Fits Your Shoulders When you're shopping for a suit jacket, find one that fits your shoulders. Read More 

Getting the Most from Your High-Quality Wallet

A high-quality American leather wallet can be an essential accessory. However, caring for these wallets is often something that goes overlooked or neglected. For individuals that have rarely given wallet care much though, there are some basic care steps that can help you avoid problems and damages with your leather wallet. Keep the Leather Clean and Moisturized Cleaning and moisturizing the wallet's leather is something that can help to protect the leather against drying out. Read More 

How To Be A Little More Eco Friendly When You’re Working Out

When you try to live a green and eco-friendly lifestyle it involves more than just using reusable grocery bags every time that you go to the grocery store. In fact, you can try to incorporate your love for the environment into all facets of your life including working out. Whether you prefer exercising outside or at a gym, this article will list a few ways that you can be eco-friendlier when you're working out. Read on to learn more.  Wear Carbon Fiber Athletic Clothing Read More 

Remain Comfortable And Look Stylish With Custom Clothing That Uses Wicking Technology

If excessive perspiration interferes with your ability to remain comfortable while participating in log cutting competitions, your gumption to move an ax swiftly and accurately may be hindered by needing to stop midway through a competition to take a breather as you cool down. One way to look great and reduce sweat that comes into contact with your body is by wearing custom dri fit clothing. Choose Clothing Styles Wicking technology keeps performance clothing dry. Read More 

Hiking Clothes For Women: Not As Complicated As It Seems

For women who are new to the idea of hiking, it can be confusing to decide what kind of clothes you should wear. There are so many different styles of hiking wear on the market today, and some of it is unfortunately styled for appearance more than function. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your options to clothing that will be well suited for the trail and still look the way you want it to. Read More