Tips For Buying A Tie As A Gift

Ties can make great presents, but you do need to be careful when buying a tie for someone else. You want to make sure the tie that you purchase fits your recipient and suits their style. You don't want to just grab the first tie you like and wrap it up. Instead, follow these tips to select the perfect tie for a friend or family member.

Select the right width.

Ties come in varying widths. People who are on the slender side tend to look best in ties that are more narrow, while those with a wider build often prefer wider ties. If your recipient is somewhere in-between, try to sneak a look into their closet or peek at their tie the next time you see them in one. Purchase a tie in the same width as those they wear on a regular basis, and they'll feel comfortable in it.

Select an appropriate length.

When a tie is the perfect length, it should just sweep the top of the belt. If a tie hangs below the belt, it's too long and will make the wearer look sloppy. If the tie does not reach the belt, it will make the wearer look unbalanced and out of proportion. The tie's final length is somewhat adjustable based on how the wearer ties it, but you do still need to know what length to buy. Regular length ties are 58 or 59 inches long, and they work well for most people up to 6 feet tall. For wearers over 6 feet, buy an extra long tie, which should be about 61 inches long. If your recipient is shorter than 5'9", a short tie is your best choice.

Stick with a classic color.

Unless you know the recipient is a jokester and always wears crazy ties, don't go out on a limb and buy them a tie with dancing Christmas trees, pictures of armadillos, or any other creative patterns. Stick with conservative patterns and colors so they can coordinate the tie with any dress shirt and pants they already own. Thin stripes are usually a safe bet, as are plaids in neutral tones. If you can get a peek at your recipient's tie collection, see if their ties gravitate towards one pattern, and buy another tie with that type of pattern.

With the tips above, you'll have an easier time buying a tie that your recipient loves. Contact a company like Risley Eleganza for more information and assistance.