Three Ways To Take Your Bachelor Party To The Next Level

When you're tasked with organizing a bachelor party for the groom, you want to do all you can to ensure the evening is memorable and full of debaucherous fun. Whether you're gathering everyone in a limo and riding from bar to bar or hosting a party at someone's house, the tips below will take the event to the next level.

Design matching graphic tees for all guests to wear.

Work with a company like Artist Shot to design a shirt for all of the party attendees to wear on the groom's big night out. The tee can sport a logo with the groom's name and some catchy phrase like "last night on the town" or "five more days of singledom." You could even get a but sassy and put the image of an attractive lady on the shirt. 

Having matching tee shirts to wear will make all of the men at the party feel like a unified group, even if they did not know each other before. Plus, it will be easy to see your party members across the room and round everyone up when it's time to head to your next bar or destination. 

Plan the music well in advance.

Whether you're riding in the limo or partying it up in someone's home, nothing kills the mood like a slow love song or silly teen pop song coming over the speakers. To ensure the music keeps the right mood going all night, spend time curating a playlist well in advance of the event. Ask the groom for a list of his favorite songs and also for a list of songs he prefer you not include. Let the other groomsmen contribute some of their favorite music, too. 

Before the party, you'll also want to test out the speakers to ensure the sound carries through your venue properly. If you plan on playing music in the limo, check with the limo company to ensure their equipment is compatible with your phone or mp3 player.

Delegate tasks to other groomsmen.

Bachelor parties can get a bit wild -- that's no secret. Though you certainly want the groom to have fun, you also need to make sure he does not drink too much, gamble irresponsibly, or engage in any questionable behavior that may anger his fiancée. It's easier to keep track of these things if you delegate different tasks to certain groomsmen. For example, you can have one guy monitor the groom's drinking and remind him to slow down if he gets carried away. Another can hold the groom's money so he doesn't gamble excessively, etc.

With the advice above, your bachelor party will be full of good memories -- and free of regrets.