2 Pieces Of Western Wear That Are Perfect For The Great Outdoors

If you are going to be spending quite a bit of time outdoors and need to find some clothes that will provide you the level of protection that you need, you should consider looking at western wear. There is a variety of western clothing out there for both men and women, as well as adults, teenagers, and children. This allows you to find all of the pieces of western wear that you are going to need for your entire family. While all pieces of western wear aren't necessarily made for outdoor use, there are several that are. This article will discuss 2 pieces of western wear that are perfect for the great outdoors. 

Cowboy Hats

One piece of western wear that has been around for a very long time is a cowboy hat. These hats have been made to protect the wearer from a wide array of outdoor elements. The brim protects your head and face from the sun, stopping you from getting a sunburn. The brim of the hat can also protect you from the wind and whatever debris is blowing around in the wind. Also, depending on what materials the cowboy hat is made out of, it can protect your head from getting too hot, too cold, or wet. Straw hats are more breathable and fur-based felt hats provide a great deal of warmth. The fur-based hats are great for resisting water as well, because they are created from animal furs that are naturally water-proof.


When it comes to western boots, there are so many different kinds available. However, many of them are going to offer similar components when it comes to protecting you when you are in the great outdoors. Many of the boots are made out of leather, which is perfect for resisting the heat, the cold, the debris you will trek through, the mud and dirt, and the list goes on and on. You can also purchase leather boots that have a steel toe in them that protect your toes from getting broken if you are working with heavy equipment. You can choose to have taller or shorter boots, depending on how much protection you need up your leg. The soles of the boots are also going to be made from a very strong plastic that helps to stop anything from breaking up through the bottom of your shoe and will have great grips to help you when you are walking on rough terrain.