2 Motorcycle Accessories To Consider For Winter Riding

One of the worst parts about owning a motorcycle is feeling the temperatures dropping around you and knowing that it will soon be time to put your bike away for the winter. However, this does not always have to be the case as there are numerous accessories that can make winter riding more feasible, such as the two listed below.


One of the reasons that so many people end up putting away their motorcycles for the winter is stability. Riding a two-wheel motorcycle around town on slippery surfaces due to snow and ice is pretty much just asking to end up dropping the bike on its side or ending up in an accident. However, by adding a sidecar rig to your motorcycle, you can add an extra wheel and extra weight that will make your motorcycle much more stable in the winter.

A nice added benefit to this option is that it can make it safer to take a passenger for rides as you will not have to worry about whether or not they know to lean with you when you are going into a turn, the passenger can just sit there and enjoy the ride. If you do not want to have a passenger along, the sidecar makes for a great place to add extra weight to further increase your stability and traction or as a place to store items when you need to go shopping or run errands.

Heated Clothing

Another reason that motorcycles get put away for the winter is that riding a motorcycle in even mildly cool weather can often feel very unpleasant for the rider. However, there are clothing options out there that will actually allow you to be comfortable even when riding in the middle of the winter. Rather than relying solely on the material of the clothing to keep you warm, a lot of winter riding gear will have heating elements built into the jacket and pants. 

Once you are wearing this clothing, you can simply plug the clothing into the outlet on your bike and have the clothing actually warm up. By layering this type of heated clothing over normal winter wear, you can ride your bike around all winter and be perfectly warm and comfortable.

Visit your local motorcycle dealer or motorcycle accessories dealer, such as Triumph Detroit, in order to look at the many items that can make winter riding much more pleasant and feasible. Sidecars and heated clothing are just two great options that can help you turn your riding into a year-round experience.