Five Fashions For Every Woman’s Wardrobe This Summer

If you only buy five items for your wardrobe this summer, make sure that you invest in garments that will be both versatile and timeless. Fashion trends come and go, but there are some items that retain their style and that are perfect for a variety of functions and occasions this summer and for summers to come.

Five garments that you will want in your wardrobe include:

  1. A silky kaftan. A kaftan can be worn any time of the year, but are particularly comfy during the warm summer season. Go with a full length, organic-fabric kaftan that will wear well and stay in style for years to come. Look for bold prints and vibrant colors of kaftans made from silk, bamboo, and organic cotton fabrics.
  2. A soft sarong. A sarong is another apparel item that can be worn past summer in different ways. For instance, you can wrap your sarong around your waist for a summery skirt or tie it around your neck to create a cute cocktail dress. During cooler months, wear it on your shoulders for a light shawl or wrap it around your neck a couple times for a warm and cozy scarf during winter.
  3. A sporty skort. Don't think golfing when you think about skorts; a skort is simply a skirt with a pair of knit shorts built inside, which makes them comfortable and convenient. Go with a simple jersey, sweatshirt-style skort for a versatile bottom to wear during all of your summer activities, like at the beach, the club, the market, and even the office.
  4. A maxi dress. There is something romantic about a long, gauzy dress on a balmy summer night, so invest in a really great one that you will wear for years. Vibrant colors and patterns can be toned-down with a black wrap or simple accessories, so buy something stunning! Opt for sleeveless styles that are cool and airy.
  5. A versatile wrap. As mentioned, a sarong makes an excellent summertime wrap to keep the chill off on a breezy night; however, you will also want a high-end wrap that is a bit warmer. Cashmere knits are ideal for a luxurious wrap that will swaddle you in soft, sweater-like style. Look for cashmere blends for a cost-saving alternative.

Visit online boutiques for the best deals and widest selection of these five fashion staples. These items will give you plenty of versatility all summer long for years to come.