From Frumpy To Fashion-Forward: How To Style Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are one of the hottest street wear trends for women over the last few years. But to wear this wardrobe staple, you need to check your earnestness at the door and up the irony just a bit. Here's how you can wear boyfriend jeans to look like you just stepped off the streets of New York or Paris and not off the farm in flyover country.

Defining Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans can now be purchased in the women's department, but originally the term came from women borrowing their guys' jeans because they liked their worn, slightly baggy appearance. While you can tweak a pair of men's jeans or an old pair of your own, it's usually easier to buy them already broken in. Look for

  • below-the-waist fit
  • loose cut
  • straight legs
  • rolled hems
  • holes, snags, or frayed spots
  • fading

Juxtapositioning for Stylish Looks

The key to wearing boyfriend jeans without looking like a soccer mom is juxtapose them with items you wouldn't normally think would pair well with them--but they do. For example, stiletto heels and a filmy blouse add a twist of both femininity and irony to classic boyfriend jeans. Play with different ways of tucking your shirt into your jeans for an even higher style.

If you want to go with a more casual look, apply the same principle. Wearing a simple t-shirt? Layer a short leather moto jacket over it. Even sneakers or flat sandals can be worn with boyfriend jeans, but you need to get contrast from something like an ankle-length sweater or a linen Chanel-style jacket to make it work.

Accessorizing Boyfriend Jeans

The right accessories build on your fashion-forward boyfriend jeans look. Again, you want to find that perfect mix of cool by pairing your jeans with the right elements. Try these items to look au courant with the fashion world:

  • messenger and cross-body bags
  • clutch purses
  • scarves
  • fringed shawls
  • kimono tops
  • ankle or biker boots
  • big sunglasses
  • stacks of bangle bracelets
  • hats--either hipster knit caps or brimmed models like fedoras or gaucho hats (think Zorro)

The idea behind the boyfriend jeans look of today is that you always want to seem feminine, even though you are wearing a more masculine type of pants. And with the tips above, you'll appear beautifully boho, not barnyard. Master the boyfriend jean, and you just might become one of those rare individuals who can wear overalls without looking like you're heading to milk the cows.

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