Why A Good Tote Bag Is A Great Idea For A Quick Business Trip On A Plane

Business trips can sometimes last only a day or two, but you still have to pack a few changes of clothes and toiletries to look fresh for your meetings. Your normally bulky luggage won't do you much good in this situation. Why not break out one of your tote bags and convert it to a nice piece of luggage? Why use totes instead of larger luggage?

They Are Small Enough For Most Regulations

The major advantage tote bags have over luggage is that they are usually small enough to be considered a carry-on bag. Most airplane regulations allow bags of their size, though the exact dimensions may vary. This helps decrease the amount of luggage you have to carry, limiting you to just one simple to carry bag.

You Can Fit A Lot In A Tote

Tote bags may be small, but you can actually fit quite a bit in them. For example, you could fit at least one or two changes of clothes, which should be more than enough for a quick trip. You can also fit toiletries and other important items that will make your trip easier.

Tote bags also look really cool hanging off of your shoulder as you walk through the airport. They come in a surprising array of styles, meaning they'll look great with just about any outfit you choose to wear.

Helps Eliminate Luggage Wait Times

Packing all of your clothes and belongings for the trip in a tote bag also helps you save precious time by avoiding baggage claim. According to The Telegraph, the wait times in British airports range from 16 minutes (the quickest) to almost 40 minutes (the slowest). It's grueling for many people to wait that long, especially when they can cut their wait time down to zero minutes with a tote bag.

When you pack with a tote bag, you store it easily under your seat and can walk off the plane with all of your luggage. You can also pack a variety of cool items, such as snacks, books, and other relaxation items. This makes a tote bag an excellent choice for a travel bag.

Of course, your mileage with a tote bag will vary depending on how much you want to spend on it. You can get larger bags that carry more, but they might not be allowed as carry on. When choosing a tote bag, take these considerations in mind before packing.

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