Taking Care Of Your Feet During The Summer

Summer isn't just the time to show off your feet. It's also a time to protect them. Cracked skin, injuries and bacteria are all prevalent concerns during this period. Make sure you know how to protect your feet all summer long.


The winter months aren't the only time moisturizing your feet is important. During the summer it is equally important. During this period, you often wear open-back sandals. Since there is a lack of support for your heel area with this type of shoe, this allows the fat pad area of the heel to spread, which can lead to cracking. Cracking can be very painful.

The drier the skin in this area, the more likely it is to crack so it's best to keep it moisturized. Don't just use any moisturizer. Use a product specifically designed for feet as it will likely be more hydrating, allowing it to penetrate deeper within your skin.

Flip Flops

If you're choosing a standard flip flop, minimize wear. This style of flip flop is virtually the same thing as walking on the ground because it doesn't provide any support. Frequent wear increases the chance for tendonitis, heel discomfort and stress fractures. Make sure you aren't wearing them every day and when you do wear them, don't wear all day.

If you just can't live without your flip flops, invest in a quality pair. There are a number of brands that come with the necessary support and you can generally spot these options by their thicker soles. Before purchasing these shoes, do the bend test. If you can bend the shoe in half, it doesn't have enough support.

Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet aren't just a precursor to smelly feet. This problem can serve as a risk factor for a foot infection. Make an extra effort to keep your feet cool in the summer. Excess moisture allows fungi and bacteria to grow inside your shoes which remains in the shoe long after wear.

The best way to combat sweaty feet is to wear shoes designed in breathable material – not plastics. If sweating is a major problem, consider investing in socks that can help you. There are chemically treated cotton socks on the market that don't prevent your feet from sweating, but instead prevent bacteria and fungi from forming.

Don't overlook those foot care products that can help keep your feet healthy not just during the summer months, but all year long. Contact a foot care product provider, like Virginia Shoe Clinic or a similar location, for more tips and info.