Riding Breeches Don’t Have To Be Boring: New Styles And Colors You Can Buy

Traditionally, horseback riding breeches have almost always been tan-colored, with very little variation. If you are an English or dressage rider, the shape and fit of your jodphurs may be a little different, but there still were not many choices available for style or color. Now, companies are transforming riding breeches by creating new styles and colors, so that you can have more choices about what you wear when you ride. Here are some changes to traditional riding breeches you may find fun and exciting.

Two-Tone Breeches

In times past, the closest thing you could get to two-tone breeches were black with steel gray insets on the thighs and seat or the usual tan with dark brown insets. Now, true two-tone breeches are available. You can get "raspberry" (magenta)-colored breeches with gray insets, royal blue with black insets, and a few other two-tone color sets that make riding breeches more exciting to wear. You may even be able to purchase two-tone breeches with patterns.

Patterned Breeches

Plaids and stripes seem to be the most popular choices for patterned breeches, but you can purchase second-hand breeches in houndstooth and gingham checks. The thigh and seat insets are often a complimentary color or straight black. Breech manufacturers tend to change patterns for their breeches every couple of years, so if you do not see a pattern you like this year, keep your eyes open for next year's pattern choices.

Jewel-Tone Winter Breeches

Riding in the winter does not have to mean boring breeches, either. Lined jewel-tone breeches in reds, greens, blues and purples are just what you need to stay warm and to be vibrant amidst the pale whiteness of the snow. The insets are usually black suede or black leather.

Knee-Length Summer Breeches 

If you ride English or dressage style, then your riding boots typically come up to your knees anyway. In summer that means that your lower legs are frequently hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Now you can purchase and wear knee-length summer breeches in multiple colors. Because of the height of your riding boots, no one is the wiser regarding the length of your breeches, and your lower legs stay a little bit cooler. If you ride Western or freestyle, then the abbreviated length of these breeches will allow maximum breathability for your lower legs, and they are thin enough that your upper legs will not sweat as much either.